Highlights of Xingye Machinery Chile Exponor 2013

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  21th July 2013 in Antofagasta, Chile, the XV International Exhibition for Latin America Mining Exponor 2013 was successfully closed. Our President Mr. Sui Ziqing, Overseas Business General Manager Mr.Sui Xi and Overseas Sales Dept. Director Mr.Fan Huilei took participated in the Exponor 2013.
  Chile Exponor 2013 was hosted by Antofagasta industry association, relying on the abundant mineral resources, especially the northern of Antofagasta regional mineral resources, which becomes one of Chile's largest and most professional mining exhibition. And it will host in June every two years. 
  Chile's copper reserves, production and exports are the first in the world. It has proven that reserves of 200 million tons with a global share of 34%. The exhibition attracted 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries. The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Peru, Brazil and other 10 countries pavilion exhibition organization. In domestic industry only we took participated in the expo.
Most of customers are mine end users and achieved satisfactory result. Some of
business and technical cooperation is progressing step by step. After 5 days exhibition, we not only showed our XWD brand and company capability, also Learning and collected foreign advanced mining technology and equipment. Meanwhile with the top quality and good after-sales service, our products have gained large foreign market shares. 
  With continuous innovation and growth of our products, Yantai Xingye Machinery will be your best choice in mining!